Thrift Radiates Happiness


“Thrift Radiates Happiness” is an exhibition that takes place in an old bank named Municipal bank in central Birmingham, UK with 9 artists collaborated (Spartacus Chetwynd, Elly Clarke, Tom Crawford, Caitlin Griffiths, Ellis Harrison, Sparrow+Castice, Julie Tsang, Nicole Wilson and Mary Yacoob). It’s the first time that open to a public.

The aim of Thrift Radiates Happiness exhibition is to bring exciting emerging artist into a corporate space. It presents high quality, accessible art in an amazing surrounding. Both the art and architecture will compliment each other. All artist who participate will have an opportunity to use the building for their own audiences.

Ground Floor

There’s an interview audio of former Birmingham Municipal Bank employees about their time working there. The work is represented via headphones with tracks linked to specific places within the building.



A series of small portraits of art collectors and patrons from the West Midlands on blank cheques. On the opening night the cheques will be available for purchase for a cash amount of the buyers choosing.



Room 1

Popcorn machines and popcorn

A popcorn machine set a different timing  in a room? What is it for?

When the popcorn is finished some of the audience interact with it, some of them eat. Actually, the installation re-enacts the history financial crises over the last century.




Room 2

Investment Project

The reason that this project is called investment because you have to ‘invest’ 2 pound and you will get a number that corresponds to a safety box in the vaults. Then you will have to find your safety box which will have a limited print by one of the contributing artists.



Final result, my friend got a print with a signature of the artist.


This kind of exhibition is really impressed me because the audience can be a part of the exhibition. People can get a chance to interact with the project and can have a piece of the artist’s work back. Each exhibition in each room have a strong concept which make the audience want to find out more about the informations.

What do you think about an exhibition that lets people interact with? Do you agree or disagree ? Don’t forget to share some ideas !

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  1. Pinupaong says:

    Really love Popcorn room.

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